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3. Activities the Department has done so far and it is currently doing
  1. Based on the plan of the Office of the Ministry, it prepares the business process plan and programme for the Office’s activities in relation to vehicle deployment and maintenance and office services delivery.
  2.  It ensures that third-party activities in the Office such as safeguarding the compound, cleaning, and delivering photocopy services are properly done. When performance and quality failures occur, it takes corrective measures.
  3. It makes available uniforms to staff that need them; follows up their being properly used.
  4. It inspects the accurate recording of payments made for maintenance and renovation. When maintenance and renovation activities are done, it checks whether they are done according to the set work specification.
  5. It makes sure that emergency equipment and services such as fire extinguishers and others are available around the Office premises and checks if they are functioning.
  6. It monitors that the Office’s vehicles which require maintenance receive it on time and are ready for work. When problems in the implementations of such activities occur, it gives solutions to them.
  7.  When the office’s equipment break down, it makes sure that they are dealt with on time; if problems occur it looks for possible solutions.
  8.  It makes sure that the Office’s vehicles receive the annual technical check-ups according to their schedules.
  9. When new sectors are established in the Office of the Ministry, it makes sure, by working with the concerned bodies, that water, telephone, electricity, etc services are installed; it also checks whether service charges are settled on time.
  10. It ensures that different plants are planted in the Office compound; it also inspects that they are properly cared for.
  11. It monitors that the Office telephone contacts which are made through an operator are properly managed.
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