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2.2 Duties and Responsibilities of the Departments Under the Bureas
2.2.1        Duties and Responsibilities of the Department of Human Resource Development
  •  It directs, monitors, and administers the business process;
  • It takes questions of staff recruiting, transfer, and promotion from the bureaus and addresses them on time. In an effort to satisfy the human resource need of the Office of the Ministry, it makes sure that the required number and quality  of human resource is present/allocated;
  • It prepares and presents monthly, quarterly semi-annual and annual human resource management information and reports  which will help for policy and programming work as needed;
  • It makes sure the presence of an adequate number of professionals who have developed in their knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve the strategic and annual plans and goals set by the Office;
  • It makes sure that in each business process, the result-oriented performance evaluation of the staff has been conducted and the results of the already conducted evaluations are well-documented. It establishes a system of performance management in the Office.
  • It makes the  Office’s staff ready for work by supporting and making them improve their skills through training;
  • By assessing problems in the working environment, it forwards solutions, gets decisions to be made and implements the measures so that the safety and health of the staff are safeguarded and a suitable working environment is created.
  • By studying the office’s human resource needs, it creates alternative ways of organization and undertakes their implementation too;
  • It ensures the presence of an organized human resource information and a timely and up-to-date information management system;
  •  It monitors the implementation of performance guidelines and laws that have been passed by the Federal Government civil service proclamations at various times. By ensuring that the rights of civil servants are respected and that civil servants maintain the appropriate work discipline, it gives timely responses to complaints, appeals and questions and makes administrative measures be taken on disciplinary breaches;
  • It gives timely responses to address employees’ questions of getting personal and work profile information/certificates and other service-related questions. 
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